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Apr 19, 2021

We delve into the broo-ha concerning CRT with youth pastor Stephen (don't cal me Steven) Ray.  We tap into what the black experience can offer if we can get past the bugaboos to hear it.  

Stay tuned to the end, and follow Stephen on Facebook for more good conversation...

Mar 15, 2021

Josh and Jay sit down with pioneer of the Christian Rock boom, Mikee Bridges.  Mikee went from rock and roll evangelist to having no faith at all and we discuss his journey.  Mikee is putting together an docu-series on the cultural curiosity of Christian rock and you can check out more at his website. 

Mar 7, 2021

Josh is irritated at a letter his nephew's friend was sent from her church disfellowshipping her.  We discuss church discipline and whether its necessary or not, and end up on the scandals of ministers like Ravi Zacharias and Jean Vanier... where there was an obvious lack of discipline and accountability.  

We say a few...

Feb 22, 2021

We're joined by author/scholar AJ Swoboda to discuss his forthcoming book "After Doubt - How to Question Your Faith Without Losing It".  Very encouraging discussion.

twitter: @CatacombP, @MrAJSwoboda

Jul 3, 2020

Josh and Jay discuss cancel culture versus the gospel based on Josh's recent sermon from Matthew 8.  Is there a point where we no longer work toward's another's healing?  How far is too far gone?