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Jun 22, 2018

We welcome As Cities Burn drummer, Food Blogger, Comic, and Social Media Antagonist Aaron Lunsford to the Catacomb for a longer than usual episode to discuss the failures of churches and try to find some solutions.  

Twitter: @CatacombP

Lunsford: @darrenstains

Joshua: @monkstump

Jay: @big_dread

Jun 14, 2018

Josh and Jay discuss recent famous preacher mishaps, their recent airport adventures, and read some mail from listeners.  

Twitter: @CatacombP

joshua - @monkstump

jay - @big_dread

Jun 5, 2018

Our first interview via Skype!  Brandon O'Brien, Writer of Books, joins us remotely from NEW YORK CITY to discuss his books on how we're probably reading the Bible wrong, and some guy named Isaac Backus. Somewhere in there, Brandon finally admits his favorite televangelist.